Abstract Guidelines

Authors are asked to stick to the provided abstract template which can be downloaded here!

Abstract submission deadline:   September 1st 2018 September 21st 2018

Document name: name your abstract file “yourname”

Mail abstract to: BSTE@UGent.be with subject BSTE_ABSTRACT_yourname

  • The abstract should be divided in 6 parts including an introduction, materials and methods, results and discussions, conclusions, references and acknowledgements.

  • The title should have a bold font of 14.

  • The authors and the affiliations should have a italic font of 10.

  • The main text should have a plain font of 11.

  • No empty lines should be left between paragraphs.

  • Figures should have a legend below the figure. Tables should have a legend above the table.

  • The abstract should have a maximum length of one A4 and a maximum size of 5 Mb.

  • Abstract that do not comply to the guidelines, will not be included in the reviewing process.