To celebrate 10 years of polymeric biomaterial research in the Polymer Chemistry and Biomaterials Research Group at Ghent University, we organise the conference AMBA 2017Advanced Materials for Biomedical Applications. This conference takes place between September 27th and 29th, 2017 in Ghent. Eearly bird deadline is July 1st August 15.

The conference welcomes contributions from the following research fields:

  • Biomaterial Development and Characterization
    • Polymer chemistry for biomedical applications
    • Nature-inspired materials for tissue engineering approaches
    • Controlled polymerization techniques in the biomedical field
    • Biomedical composites and combination materials
    • Surface functionalization and characterization
  • Biomaterial Processing and Characterization
    • Biomaterial Processing and Characterization
    • Polymer and composite processing into 3D scaffolds
    • Light induced processing of polymers into scaffolds
    • Nano- and microparticle/fiber production and characterization
    • Novel technologies for scaffold characterization
  • Biomaterial Translation: from the Lab to the Clinic and Industry
    • Polymer chemistry for biomedical applications
    • Biobased polymers – from labscale to an industrial setup
    • Industry meets academia: overcoming the final barriers
    • Clinical translation – from bench to bedside